Solar power is forever

Service Protocol FOR our customers.

◘ We will explain and help you take full advantage of all available rebate programs by the utility

  company in your area. Federal and State rebate programs, Federal tax advantages and even our

  OWN REBATE system! (optional) .

◘ Our experienced technical crew will design and show you the best optimal layout at the right solar

  angle for your system so it would maximize your system's efficiency and save electric bills but not

  sacrificing architectural features of your rooftop .

◘ We provide a Warranty Certificate of Power Efficiency 90% for 15 years, 80% for 25 years from our

  selected manufacturers.

◘ Provide instructions of step-by-step how the system works to save you $$$.

◘ Limited-time Special Offer of Rebate Programs from us for 5 KW-and-up projects.

◘ Technical support 24 hours/7 days.

◘ Increase the value of your home, deliver high craftsmanship for our jobs, get the job done on

   schedule. " These are our mottos".